watercolor workshop day

One day every month we hold a watercolor workshop at Parkview Memory Care! The structure of the class is based on the criteria that the Alzheimer's Society recommends, but since many of our residents are advanced in age and dementia, I have changed the rules a bit in order to better suit them. We use high-quality watercolor paper, paint, and brushes in order for the residents to have a satisfying experience. Good materials means richer colors and easier mark-making. 

Each resident starts out by choosing a warm and a cool watercolor of their liking to start their painting with. Once they have chosen these, I do a brief demo of the the technique that we are learning that day. By emphasizing technique rather than having the residents use a photo reference, there is much less pressure for folks to make their paintings look photo-realistic. Many residents already have anxiety about doing something well. Some of them used to make intricate quilts, knit beautiful sweaters, or even paint rich landscapes, but feel like they have lost all artistic or design sensibilities because of their age or dementia. The most challenging part of my job as an instructor here is just talking folks into making the first marks on the page. I'm really more of an art cheerleader!     

On a good day, once folks get into the flow of mark-making, they just go! It's a beautiful thing. Each resident naturally falls into their own style/preferences. Kathryn loves making caricatures of fellow residents. Ed makes his black and pink abstract turtles. Barbara creates expressive fields of color. Jean paints a garden that doubles as a self-portrait... Of course, there are many questions and concerns that pop up in a painting session. Some are very humorous, and have nothing to do with painting, as you will see in the video below.

Just a note- Out of respect for residents, I want to get written consent from their families in order to post faces. Until this happens I am keeping it hands and paintings only (with the Halloween mask exceptions of post 1). 

It's always amazing when we get Jean to join in the watercolor workshop, but here she was in rare form with her interview questions :D