what is a giclée print?

Renée's art prints are analog to digital, meaning the originals are made by hand with gouache, flashe, ink, or other water-based media on paper. The paintings are scanned at high resolution to capture all of the texture and detail of each piece, then converted into digital format for giclée printing.

A giclée (jee-clay) is a fine art digital print. Our giclée prints are made using Epson large format printers and lightfast pigment based inks on archival 192 gsm paper. As a result, the colors are vibrant, crisp, and UV fade-resistant.

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what is gold leaf?

Gold leaf has been used in art, jewelry, and architecture in many cultures for thousands of years. It adds a luxe warmth and glow to any surface it covers. Renée uses 22 karat gold leaf to enhance her art prints. The gold is hammered into extremely thin and delicate sheets which are meticulously applied to the print surface using an acid-free adhesive.